Betty’s Bella Bonus

Betty’s Bella Bonus

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Betty’s Bella Bonus of the week! 
can you believe the items she chose! gram has good taste and she has chosen some of our best sellers! 


What is Betty’s Bella Bonus?

Who is Betty?

Betty is my gram! she has crafted with me from the very beginning! she is literally the light of my life, my confidence, my courage and my whole heart! she helps me out soo much, she makes me smile and she’s probably the sweetest lady you will ever meet in your life!💘 as we know our elderly loved ones have been having a bit of a time this past year and I wanted to cheer her up + give her some fun to look forward to every week! ✨.... this is where Bettys Bella Bonus was born! my gram will pick a few of her favorite items and every Tuesday of every week they will go on sale! the sale will last the entire week until the next Tuesday where she will pick something else! I hope you will enjoy it as much as she will! and hopefully we can get her on a few stories telling you all why she loves her pick of the week! 💘✨